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Welcome to THE BLADERUNNER section. THE BLADERUNNER was started in 1996 as the Conejo Valley Woodworkers' Association newsletter. It's main purposes are to notify members of club and local events, describe key issues that affect the group, and to exchange information among members. Each month the newsletter describes the next club meeting and shop tours and "hands on" activities. It also provides notes on the previous meeting, ads, and occasionally has contributed articles relevant to wood working.


There are a number of articles written by members of the Conejo Valley Woodworkers' Association scattered through out the newsletters. So you wont miss them, take a look at the following.

July 1996 - "Visit to Wood Magazine" Ira Goldberg
August 1996 - "Milling Eighteenth Century Curved Molding" Duane Nightingale
August 1996 - "An Evening With James Krenov" Barry Wood
October 1996 - "Supporting Stock On The Router Table" Duane Nightingale
December 1996 - "Making A Curved Crown Molding On The Table Saw" Duane Nightingale
March 1997 - "A Word Of Caution -- Fire" Stephen Cass-Pall
March 1997 - "A Brief Trip to England" (UK shop visits) Ira Goldberg
October 1997 - "Sharpening Wood Scrapers" John Tarpley
January 1998 - "Trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg" Ira Goldberg (From a Woodworkers' Point of View)
February 1998 - "Safety Rules to Woodworking with a Router" John Tarpley
May 1998 - "Photographing Your Work" John Tarpley (summarized by Ira Goldberg)
May 1998 - "Small Item Photography" John Tarpley
September 1998 - "Woodworking and Travel" Ira Goldberg
February 2000 - "Electric Motors: What's A Label, Part I" Ira Goldberg.
February 2000 - "Psychology of Woodworking" Deena Case-Pall, Ph.D.
May 2000 - "Traveling and Woodworking" Ira Goldberg
June 2000 - "Electric Motors, Part II, What Else Is In A Label" Ira Goldberg
July 2000 - "The Psychology of Safety" Howard Ford

Reprints of previously published articles

May 1996 - "Glues, Gluing and Clamping"
October 1999 - "Woodworking USA Timeline"
November 1996 - "More On The Hazards Of Wood Dust"
October 1996 - "Table of Wood Toxicity"