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Dave Seidler

Watch Clock made with various woods. He says it is 'simple' to make!

Charles North

This Clock is a kit made of precut mdf which Charles stained with red mahogany dye stain. Spray lacquer is on the face, but he didn't think spraying the gears would be a good idea. It is based on design from 17th to 18th century. The kit comes with a rather incomplete DVD and written instructions. Between the two he was able to assemble it and, after 3 weeks of running and adjusting, it is accurate within 4 minutes for 12 hours when it needs to be rewound!It is good way to learn basics about clocks. He had originally hoped to use it as project with his grandsons, but it is way beyond their attention span and nearly so his own!

Stephen Case-Pall

Stephen is assembling an All Wood Grandfather Clock. It is made from various donated woods and is to be finished in Lacquer and Polyurethane.

Dan Gallo

Italian Fretwork Clock cut by Dan from 1/4" Cherry with 1/8" Maple accent. The finish is a 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil with a top coat of Deft semi gloss spray lacquer. The pattern is by John A. Nelson from the summer 2009 issue of ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts.

Lee Truman

Clock is Lee's beginner scroll saw project.

Richard Kingsbury

Mantle Clock made from Bocote wood from S/Central America. Finished in Tung Oil and Varnish.

Bill Battocchio

This Craftsman Clock is made from Walnut, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Maple, Redwood, Cedar, Mrytlewood. The finish is Polyurethane.

Bill Battocchio

This Sports Clock is a wall hanging made from Bass, Cedar, Pine, Walnut, Alder and Purple Heart. The finish is Lacquer.

Dan Gallo

Dan built this Santa's Workshop Clock from cherry, maple, walnut, oak, pine, Baltic birch, and padauk. It has a quartz movement with Westminster chimes. Dan installed a switch to turn off the chimes when necessary. You can see Santa and his Elves through the windows and a couple Elves hanging on the pendulum! The finish is Watco Danish Oil and Deft Spray Lacquer.

Dan Gallo

This Queen Ann Clock made by Dan from 1/4" solid Maple and 1/8" Mahogany. It is finished in Watco Danish Oil and coated with Deft gloss spray lacquer.

Dan Gallo

Dan made this Scroller's Shop Clock from Baltic Birch plywood. The dial is Walnut, the back is Luan plywood. The finish is Watco Danish oil and Deft Spray.

Dan Gallo

This is Cody's Dragon Pendulum Clock made of 1/2" oak with a base of Philippine mahogany. It is finished in Watco Danish oil and Deft spray lacquer.

Dan Gallo

Scroll Saw Clock This wonderful clock is made from solid maple and finished in Watco Oil Deft Satin.

Bill Gourlay

Bill made these two clocks from walnut.

Bill Gourlay

Oak Wall ClockBill built this smart Walford oak wall clock for his daughter, Lynn, from plans obtained from the Meisel Hardware Specialties catalog, Sealed, no stain, finished with semi-gloss Varathane.