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A Reverence For WoodSloane, EricDover PublicationSkills, General
Accurate Router, TheKirby, IanCambium PressRouting
Accurate Table Saw, TheKirby, IanCambium PressTable Saw
Advanced RoutingTime LifeTime LifeRouting
Advanced Woodwork & Furniture MakingFriere & Hutchings Furniture
American FurniturePratt, Richard Furniture
Animal Puzzles for the Scroll SawPeterson, Judy & DaveFox ChapelPower Tools
Art of the Band SawDuginske, MarkSterlingBand Saw
Band Saw BasicsDuginske, Gene & MarkSterlingBand Saw
Basic Woodworking TechniquesBurrows, DickChartwell BooksSkills, General
Beginners Guide to WoodworkingLongmeadow PressLongmeadow PressWoodworking Skills
Beginners Guide to Woodworking, TheLongmeadow PressLongmeadow PressProjects, General
Bench ToolsFine WoodworkingTaunton PressHandtools
Box-Making BasicsFreedman, DavidTaunton PressProjects, General
Boxes, Carcases, and DrawersFine WoodworkingTaunton PressSkills, General
Build Your Own BirdhousesPerkins, JohnChartwell BooksProjects, General
Building Beautiful Boxes With Your BandsawVentura, Lois KeenerPopular WoodworkingBand Saw
Building Better BedsBrandford, PercyTab BooksFurniture
Building Chairs, The Art of WoodworkingTime LifeTime LifeFurniture
Building Your Own Kitchen CabinetsCary, JereTaunton PressCabinetry
Cabinet MakingCalhoun, Ken Cabinetry
Cabinetmakers, The DunlapDunlap & ZeaStackpole BooksCabinetry
CabinetmakingTime LifeTime LifeCabinetry
Cabinetmaking (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeCabinetry
Cabinetmaking & MillworkFeirer, JohnMacmillonCabinetry
Cabinets & Bookcases (Copy 1)Time LifeTime LifeCabinetry
Cabinets & Bookcases (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeCabinetry
Carpenters & Builders Library - LayoutsBall, JohnAudelCarpentry
Carpenters & Builders Library - MathBall, JohnAudelCarpentry
Carpenters & Builders Library - MilworkBall, JohnAudelCarpentry
Carpenters & Builders Library - ToolsBall, JohnAudelCarpentry
Carpentry & Building ConstructionFriere & Hutchings Carpentry
Carving Architectural Detail in WoodWilbur, FrederickGuild of Master CraftsmanCarving
Classic American FurnitureTime LifeTime LifeFurniture
Classic Finishing TechniquesAllen, Sam Finishing
Classic Joints With Power ToolsChan, YeungLark BooksJoinery
Classic Wood FinishingFrank, GeorgeSterlingFinishing
Computer Furniture Plan & Project BookWiley, Jack Furniture
Country Rustic Wood Projects, MakingSpeilman Projects
CVWA Scrapbook  Misc
DecksSnyder, Tim Project
Decorating Turned WoodO'Donnell, Liz & MichaelGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Designing FurnitureStem, Seith Furniture
Discovering & Restoring Antique FurnitureBennet, Michael Restoration Furniture
Doorhanger's Handbook, TheKatz, GaryTaunton PressSkills, General
Encyclopedia of Furniture MakingJoyce, Ernest Furniture
Encyclopedia of WoodTime LifeTime LifeWood
Encyclopedia of WoodSterling Publishing Wood
Encyclopedia of Wood (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeWood
Encyclopedia, Practical Handyman's Vol 1Greysotne Press  
Encyclopedia, Practical Handyman's Vol 1Greystone Press  
Fine Points of Furniture: AmericanSack, Albert Furniture
Finish CarpentryTime LifeTime LifeCarpentry
Finishing and RefinishingFine WoodworkingTaunton PressFinishing
Finishing Touch, TheVisner, M.A. Finishing
Four Hundred (400) Wood BoxesGunter, Veronica AliceLark BooksProjects, General
Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking, TheFerencsik, Robert Furniture
Furniture for Kids, Making SpectacularSylvester, Peter Furniture
Furniture Projects With the RouterLey, KevinGuild of Master CraftsmanRouting
Furniture Restoration & RepairBonner, Kevin JanGuild of Master CraftsmanFurniture
Furniture You MakeSunset BooksSunset BooksFurniture
Great Wood FinishesJewitt, JeffTaunton PressFinishing
Guide to Carpentry & Cabinetry, Home OwnersArmpriester & Bremer Carpentry
Guide to Factory Made Houses, CompleteWatkins Projects
Guide to Published Woodworking Plans and TechniquesMikus, William Projects
Guide to Published Woodworking Plans, TheGumbus, Art Projects
Guide to Sharpening, The (hard back)Gumbus, Art Sharpening
Guide to Sharpening, The (soft back)Gumbus, Art Sharpening
Guide to Sharpening, The CompleteLee, Leonard Sharpening
Hand Tools, OnFine WoodworkingTaunton PressHandtools
Hand Tools, The Art of WoodworkingTime LifeTime LifeHandtools
Hand Tools: Their Ways & WorkingsCVWA Handtools
Hand Tools: Their Ways & WorkingsCVWA Handtools
Hand Tools: Their Ways & WorkingsCVWA Handtools
Heirloom Projects - Oak SwingShopsmith Furniture
Home Workshop (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeWorkshop
Home-Owner's Guide To Carpentry and CabinetryArmpriester, K.E.SterlingSkills, General
Ideas for StorageSunset Books Cabinetry
Illustrated Handbook of Woodworking, The JointsBlandford, Percy Joinery
Impractical Cabinetmaker, TheKrenov, JamesLindenCabinetry
Ingenious Shop Aids & JigsMcCulloch, GrahamSterlingJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Intermediate Woodturning ProjectsBest of Woodturning MagazineGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Jigs & Fixtures for the Table Saw & RouterWoodworkers JournalFox ChapelPower Tools
Joinery TechniquesFine WoodworkingTaunton PressJoinery
Joinery, Handbook ofTime LifeTime LifeJoinery
Joining WoodEngler, Nick Joinery
Kitchen, How to Build and Buy CabinetsStevenson, Robert Cabinetry
Kitchen, Timeless Traditional Woodworking ProjectsBuchanan, George Cabinetry
Lets Finish ItJudt, Luther Finishing
Making Classic ChairsClarkson, RonFox ChapelFurniture
Making Heirloom BoxesLloyd, PeterGuild of Master CraftsmanProjects, General
Making Work BenchesAllen, SamSterlingWorkbench
Manual of Traditional Wood CarvingHasluck, PaulDoverCarving
MarquetryHume, DavidSearchSkills, General
Master WoodworkerTime LifeTime LifeSkills - General
Mastering Woodworking MachinesDuginske, Mark Skills - general
Masterpieces of American FurnitureMargon, Lester Furniture
Measure Twice, Cut OnceTolpin, JimPopular WoodworkingSkills, General
Mennonite FurnitureJanzen & Janzen Furniture
Old Ways of Working WoodBealer, AlexCastle BooksSkills, General
Outdoor FurnitureTime LifeTime LifeFurniture
Outdoor Furniture for Weekend WoodworkerHylton, BillRodaleFurniture
Planes & ChiselsFine Woodworking Handtools
Practical Wood Finishing MethodsRockwell Finishing
Proven Shop TipsFine WoodworkingTaunton PressJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Proven Shop Tips (Copy 1)Fine WoodworkingTaunton PressJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Proven Shop Tips (Copy 2)Fine WoodworkingTaunton PressJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Radial Arm Saw TechniquesCliffe Power Tools
Reading The WoodElkan Wood
Restoring Antiques (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeRestoration, Furniture
Restoring, Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking ToolsDunbar, MichaelSterlingHandtools
Router HandbookSpeilman, Patric Routing
Router Joingery WorkshopReed, CarolLark BooksRouting
Router Table, Build Your OwnMcPherson, Joh n Routing
Routing & ShapingTime LifeTime LifeRouting
Routing & ShapingEngler, Nick Routing
Sanding & PlaningEngler, Nick Skills - general
Scroll Saw Country PatternsSpielman, PatrickSterlingScroll Saw
Setting Up ShopNagyszalanczy, Sandor Workshop
Shaping WoodBird, LonnieTaunton PressSkills, General
Sharpening and Tool CareTime LifeTime LifeSharpening
Sharpening, The Complete Guide ToLee, LeonardTaunton PressSharpening
Shop Accessories You Can BuildFine Woodworking Jigs, Fixtures, Tips
Shop Made Jigs & Fixtures (Copy 1)Time LifeTime LifeJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Shop Made Jigs & Fixtures (Copy 2)Time LifeTime LifeJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Small Shop, TheTime LifeTime LifeWorkshop
Small Woodworking ProjectsFine WoodworkingTaunton PressProjects
Small Workshop, The (Copy 1)Fine WoodworkingTaunton PressWorkshop
Spindle TurningFine WoodworkingTaunton PressTurning
Table Saw Book, TheDeCristoforo, R. J. Table Saw
Table Saw Book, The (Copy 1)Mehler, Kelly Table Saw
Table Saw Book, The (Copy 2)Mehler, Kelly Table Saw
Tables & DesksFine WoodworkingTaunton PressFurniture
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking: JoineryFrid, Tage Joinery
Techniques 8Fine WoodworkingTaunton PressSkills, General
Tool Box Book, TheTolpin, JimTaunton PressWorkshop
Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton, TheTools & Trades Hist. Soc. Workshop
Tools, Working Wood In Eighteenth Century AmericanGaynor, JamesColonial Williamsburg FdnHandtools
Traditional Furniture ProductsFine Woodworking Furniture
Traditional ToysBuchanan, George Toys
Traditional Woodworking HandtoolsBlackburn, GrahamGramercy BooksHandtools
Turned Bowl Design (Copy 1)Raffin, Richard Turning
Turned Bowl Design (Copy 2)Raffin, RichardTaunton PressTurning
Turning Boxes, RevisedRaffan, RichardTaunton PressTurning
Turning Wood, RevisedRaffan, RichardTaunton PressTurning
Turnings ProjectsRaffin, RichardChrysalis BooksTurning
Veneering: A Complete CourseHosker, Ian Skills - general
Whirligigs & Wind Toys, MakingPierce, Sharon Toys
Whirligigs, Design & ConstructionLunde, Anders Toys
Windows & SkylightsSunset BooksSunset BooksProjects, General
Wood Accents for the HomeBlack & DeckerBlack & DeckerProjects, General
Wood CarvingBlandford, Percy Carving
Wood Carving, The Art of WoodcarvingTime LifeTime LifeCarving
Wood Finisher, TheJohnson, Bruce Finishing
Wood Finishers Book, TheAllen, Sam Finishing
Wood Finishing Book, The (Copy 1)Dresdner, Michael Finishing
Wood Finishing Book, The NewDresdner, Michael Finishing
Wood Sanding Book, TheNagyszalanczy, Sandor Abrahesives
Wooden Toys & CraftsTime LifeTime LifeToys
Wooden Toys and Crafts, The Art of WoodworkingTime LifeTime LifeToys
Wooden Toys, Projects & PlansGraesch, Heinz Toys
WoodturningPeters, Geoff Turning
WoodturningTime LifeTime LifeTurning
Woodturning Forms and MaterialsHunnex, JohnGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Woodturning ProjectsBaker, MarkGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Woodturning Projects (Copy 1)Popular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodturning Projects (Copy 2)Popular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodturning Traditional Folk ToysBridgewater, Alan & GillSterlingTurning
Woodturning, A Fresh ApproachChapman, RobGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Woodturning, A Foundation CourseRowley, KeithGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning
Woodworker's EncyclopediaScience & MechanicsScience & MechanicsSkills, General
Woodworker's Solution BookBridgewater, Alan & Gill  
Woodworker's Visual HandbookArno, Jon  
Woodworkers Guide to JointsKingschott, Jim Joinery
Woodworkers Marketing GuideEric, MartinTaunton PressSkills, General
Woodworking & Scroll Saw Pattern club  Scroll Saw
Woodworking Handtools, TraditionalBlackburn, Graham Handtools
Woodworking Machines, The Art of WoodworkingTime LifeTime Life 
Woodworking Machines, The Art of WoodworkingTime LifeTime LifePower Tools
Woodworking Manual With ProjectsHodges, Lewis  
Woodworking MistakesNagyszalanczy, Sandor Jigs, Fixtures, Tips
Woodworking Projects 1ShopsmitheShopsmithProjects, General
Woodworking Projects IISunsetSunset 
Woodworking Projects, 1986 Year bookPopular SciencePopular Science 
Woodworking Projects, 1988 YearbookPopular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodworking Projects, 1990 YearbookPopular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodworking Projects, 1991 YearbookPopular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodworking Projects, 1991 Yearbook, c 2Popular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodworking Projects, 1991 Yearbook, c 2Popular SciencePopular ScienceProjects, General
Woodworking Safety ManualMarc Adams School Safety
Woodworking Techniques, Tips, & ShortcutsAmercian Woodworker Jigs, Fixtures, Tips
Woodworking ToolsWalker, PhilipShireHandtools
Woodworking WisdomCapotosto, RosarioPopular ScienceJigs, Fixtures, Tips
Woodworking WisdomEngler, NickReader's DigestSkills, General
Woodwrights Work Book, TheUnderhill, RoyU of No. CarolinaSkills, General
Work-Holding on the Lathe, A Guide toHolder, FredGuild of Master CraftsmanTurning